The aceman returneth

What can I say? I’m a total Sims addict and the last couple of weeks has been simtastic as I’ve been playing a little of The Sims, but mostly The Sims Online or as it’s now known as, EA-Land. It still seems kinda pointless unless you subscribe, but it’s a good way for me to waste time and have a bit of a laugh.

I’ve also finally bought The Sims 2 … and then The Sims 3 gets confirmed for release in 2009, so I’m thinking, I really need to sort out my 200GB HDD and get some kind of external enclosure so that I can stick games on it to play them without filling up the one in my system.

So, I haven’t been ‘online’ as such much, I’ve been around in IRC, but really not a lot. I’ve been playing a browser game called Ikariam which is pretty good for passing some time away while browsing the net and adding game news to Mental Gamers… which has been slightly neglected last week due to so much Sim gaming.

At the moment, I’m listening to Skip Jenkins’ returning show of which you can find out details on his blog. I don’t normally listen to podcasts and it’s actually the first ever ‘podcast’ I’ve ever listened to due to me never really seeing the point of them before and more to the point, I’ve not actually found the time to listen to any, but it’s entertaining stuff and worth a listen.

The Family Guy Season 6 DVD set has finally dropped down in price to £9.99 and so since I don’t really eat a lot of chocolate, meaning Easter eggs would be a bit of a waste (I still have a small Simpsons one in one of those spring eggcups from about 3 years ago), the missus bought me that and I also got a Lee Evans 6 DVD + 2 Audio CD set for £12.99.

I finally managed to send my Xbox 360 off for repair and it’s actually due to be returned today, so I’m kinda psyched about that due to getting Burnout Paradise and Army of Two for review, I haven’t been able to play them 😦 .. I’ve had a few Wii games and a couple of DS titles which I’m soon to put reviews up of and as it’s now coming to the end of the Skip Jenkins Show, it’s also the end of this post.

Another thing I’m pretty psyched up about is that tonight I’m going to see Justin Currie (of Del Amitri fame) in an acoustic set, that’s gonna be the highlight of the year so far for me!

So, until I can be bothered to blog again…