NIN put album up for torrenting

You may have already heard about Trent Reznor admitting he downloaded music through torrents and was even a member of OiNK, so as a fan of torrenting, he’s put the first volume of their new album “Ghosts” on BitTorrent sites for people to download for free.

“Ghosts I is the first part of the 36 track collection Ghosts I-IV. Undoubtedly you’ll be able to find the complete collection on the same torrent network you found this file,” They further write in the release notes, adding “But if you’re interested in the release, we encourage you to check it out at, where the complete Ghosts I-IV is available directly from us in a variety of DRM-free digital formats, including FLAC lossless, for only $5.”

You can read the full article about this on TorrentFreak.