Free classic remake games

Over in the Dear Wandy forums, there is a discussion about the upcoming free game from EA, Battlefield Heroes of which Wandy (Phil Wand of the once legendary PC Zone magazine) mentions one of my old favourite classic Speccy games, Chaos. Then in the same post, he mentions a remake called Chaos Funk…

Chaos Funk

Oh yeah baby! It’s a worthy remake of a great classic which was probably the first ever game to feature 8-player multiplayer on a home computer. Albeit it was basically 8 people taking it in turns, but nevertheless…

While I was on the site of where I downloaded Chaos Funk from (link coming up below), I also noticed another old favourite, Bruce Lee…

Bruce Lee remake

It works fine for a while, but I get an illegal memory access error, so I’m unable to play that one properly, which is a bummer because I really like the game. 😦

If you want to try any for yourself, you can find them at Classic Retro Games, but be warned, you run the games at your own risk. There shouldn’t be any problems as the games wouldn’t be released until some testing had been done, but there is a possibility that something may go wrong, always read the txt file that comes with each game before running it.

Have fun!