Super strong John Locke

John Locke is so strong, walls move when he throws things at them.

Super Strong Locke
(1.17MB gif)


2 thoughts on “Super strong John Locke

  1. Where did you find this? I love little set things like this. For a moment I almost thought…

    “Ok, they knew we were going to pick this scene apart, why would they want us to see it?”

    To which I can only reply to myself:

    “Because Othersville is a set. The whole Lost island is a set, and all the Losties are players…”

    Recursive thought fucks with you man…

  2. This was in the actual episode that was aired and since I download pretty much everything I watch, I took this from the avi and made it into a gif.

    I don’t think it was intentional and that nobody saw the wall move at the time it was filmed/edited or they did, but due to a tight schedule, they couldn’t do anything about it…

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