Lohan poses nude, hopefully never again

I’ve seen Lindsey Lohan looking absolutely gorgeous and to be fair, with all the make-up plastered on and her hair done right, she’s a top stunner.

You’ve probably already heard and/or seen that she did a Marylin Monroe nude photoshoot recently and after seeing the pictures, let’s hope she doesn’t do another one without make-up ever again. She’s 21, her body looks double that.

Lohan/Monroe mag cover

Most of the released pictures can be seen below.

Cover shot
Prep work
Nude on bed
With yellow flowers
With pink flowers
Topless through veil
Topless through see-thru lace
Nude though another see-thru lace
The all-new legendary topless shot

And that’s it. All pics are full size and although some people will still find her attractive in those images, I don’t, especially in the back & white photo’s.


  1. Jubei672 · February 23, 2008

    ….This has to be a dream…..surprised she jump to that level.well it makes sense after all the negative attention she’s had lately.

  2. skipjenkins · February 28, 2008

    gotta disagree man, I dig the freckles.

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