Building MyMiniCity

To do this properly and not spam it around like other idiots do, I’m posting it on my blog as suggested by the site. A new ‘craze’ on the net is something about building up your own ‘Mini City’ and therefore, I’ve made one for Mental Gamers.

There haven’t been too many hits on it yet due to me not being the mindless spammer that annoys people by constantly posting the link every 5 minutes or so, but for any of you that visit here (and there are 100’s of visits per day), please help out by clicking on this MyMiniCity link which will help the population grow and then we can move onto building up the industrial part.

Anyway, thanks to anyone that clicks the link and if you have a city, leave the link in the comments. Just leave one link though, askimet will count it as spam if you post more than one link. 🙂

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  1. I built a wordpress plugin that displays your myMiniCity stats and allows you to set criteria for displaying the various links. For instance, you can only show the population link if the unemployment is less than 10%.

    There are a few other setting that you can tweek, but the rest are pretty obvious. You can download it, read more about it and see it in action at:

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