DSOrganize 3.1129 (Birthday Release)

A new version known as the ‘Birthday Release’ of DSOrganise has been released.

Fixes found in 3.1129

  • PNG files now support proper alpha channel.
  • Added server-based auto perform to irc.
  • Added missing ascii characters to all fonts, changed some fonts slightly.
  • Added SSL support to web browser.
  • Fixed side tab icons not showing up when startup screen was irc or web browser.
  • Fixed random crash on shutting the lid.
  • Fixed inconsistent help messages on configuration.
  • Fixed more incorrectly written pages that don’t display.
  • Fixed deflate raw encoding not working.
  • Fixed random scroll down on pages that fit entirely on top page while on favorites.
  • Fixed invalid directory configuration message not showing up.
  • Fixed orientation messing up when viewing pictures in web browser.
  • Fixed some image placeholders overlapping each other before rendering.
  • Fixed disappearing cursor on scribble pad.
  • Fixed graphics corruption on side tabs with other themes.
  • Disabled help from appearing while files are downloading in web browser to stop freezes.
  • Updated dswifi to 0.3.4

DSOrganize 3.1129 (Birthday Release)


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  1. I downloaded and put it into my R4 then patched it but it doesnt work i went into the homebrew data base at 3:15 am and it didnt work

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