Katie Melua nude

Katie Melua Live EarthSomeone searched for ‘katie melua nude’ and my blog must have appeared in the results due to me posting about her in the past.

As for nude photo’s, sorry, that’s just something we’ll all have to keep dreaming about.

Mmmmm, Katie Melua…..

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5 thoughts on “Katie Melua nude”

  1. I most definately agree with you there; Mmmmm Katie Melua

    Why my other half doesn’t get it I’ll never know, she thinks its the music I like as whilst yes, I do like her stuff, it’s more to do with ‘her’ rather than the music.

    Ssshhhhh, out lil’ secret.

    You should see some of the search results I get, just where do they come from and how they get to my site, I’ll never know but as aditive says, its so common. I just ignore them now!

  2. That’s what I don’t understand, the wife is all ‘phwoar’ over men like Bon Jovi, Chad Kroeger (Nickelback front man) or certain actors on TV and in film, but as soon as you see a babe on TV and say something like, “Hey, she’s not bad!”, it’s the apocalypse.

    I only really mention certain search results since most of my hits come from people looking for info about the R4DS or Vanessa Hudgens since my blog was featured in a Reuters news article about her.

  3. ha ha, I guess it’s a world wide thing.

    Glad it doesn’t happen just to me then!!!!!!!! We need to start a new worldwide blog for the appreciation of the female species and where men can discuss the women they like without fear of retribution!!!!!!! All tasteful of course đŸ˜‰

    Oh and top secret – men only!!!!

  4. i agree katie melua is hot and i like her music based on the fact that she sings it and she is hot

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