Saving big bush videogame women

I’ve just been playing Conan, the hack-n-slash action adventure game on the Xbox 360 and in the second part of the game, there are some vines hanging down. Upon cutting down the vines, you hear a female voice asking you to save her and when you do…

Big knickers or big bush?

…she asks where her clothes are. So, if she’s naked except for some beads around her waist, that’s one hell of a bush!


More norks after the jump… updated when new ones are rescued.

Second scantily-clad maiden

Third rescued maiden

As you can probably tell from this 3rd maiden I rescued, they’re all the same except for slightly more jewellery on each one.

Yet another one

This next one isn’t very good as the camera angle wasn’t as close as usual.

Another maiden freed

What do we have here, a redhead?

Ooh, rescued a redhead

What? Even more?

I missed the close shot of this due to moving Conan and the camera zoomed out.

Missed the good shot of this


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