R4DS Kernel v1.11 released

An update for the R4 Kernel has been released today. I’ve left the themes folder out to lower the filesize and for you to be able to transfer the files over to keep whichever themes you already have.

  1. Solved the soft reset of some games, for example: 1158 Zelda
  2. Solved the white screen issue of game 1209
  3. Adding the on/off option for real-time cheats switch
  4. Updated moonshell to v1.71 and supporting soft reset
  5. Full download play support (Please use trim_tool 2.0 to trim ROMs)

Just unzip and transfer the files onto the R4, overwriting the existing files and you will be updated.

{Edit}See comment for link to official download, thanks to Jeremy!

Download removed due to v1.12 update.

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4 thoughts on “R4DS Kernel v1.11 released”

  1. Hi,
    I’m really stuck, no matter which files I download, from anywhere, the official site, this page, etc, it doesn’t work. I get the theme to change but always the same error message about the system not being the same, and thus not accepted? Have you heard of anything like this before? Any idea how to solve it? I have trawled google for hours but nobody else anywhere seems to have this problem.
    Any help would be much appreciated.

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