Posting from Facebook

Hello! I’m posting this from Facebook to check out what it looks like.

If it’s the same as posting from YouTube, then it will be a bit b0rk3d, but if it works good, then I’ll have no complaints.

One thing I do have a little complaint about while I think about it, this theme on my blog puts too much border around images, I think I’m gonna have to change again soon.

(edit) It seems to work quite well, the only thing is, it puts 2 posts in your profile due to you posting from Facebook and then it counts the post again on here. It’s posted the subject, tags and post properly, I think it just needs to realise that you’ve only made one post and not two.

2 thoughts on “Posting from Facebook

  1. I just added the facebook-wordpress adapter kit to m shit. I dont really get the point, it doesn’t seem like it would drive any traffic to your blog from your facebook profile.

  2. Hmm, I’ve removed it, it seems to say you’ve posted something, even if you’ve just edited. Could end up spamming your profile if you post a few things a day and especially if you edit a couple too.

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