A new skins page & Mario skin

My first Mario skinI couldn’t resist making a skin out of a Mario wallpaper I found on the net, but I wanted to make it with it’s own icons instead of the standard stuff I’ve been using.

I managed to find some retro Mario icons which I think work well with the theme, but I just used the ‘Vista style’ images as the template. I think it works well and the Nintendo logo looks good on the DS, it’s slightly off-center, but it doesn’t look too bad.

To download it for yourself, visit the newly created Game Character Skins page!

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2 thoughts on “A new skins page & Mario skin

  1. hello,
    i just stumbled upon your website, and first i would like to say thank you for posting all of this information. second i have no idea what im looking at but i really want to find out!!! i have a ds lite and a M3 DS Simply thing.. my friend hooked up moonshell??? and i have been able to play games i download as torrents, but i want to get the full potential of this, can you possibly link me to the posts that will get me started best with the R4DS stuff? thanks alot

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