On the bandwagon

Well, I’ve done the Facebook thing, so what else is there? I refuse to do crySpace, so that’s a no go, the thing in the right column at the top there is my ‘meez’, dunno if it’s a majorly massive thing yet, but it seems quite new and could become a big thing, click on the pic.

My Simpsons avatar

Yeah yeah, everyone’s doing a Simpsons ‘avatar’, so there’s my effort. It’s shit and couldn’t get it to look anything like me, so that’s really as close as it gets.

Colin McRae DiRT came this morning, so I’ll have a blast of that later…

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2 thoughts on “On the bandwagon”

  1. I’m in the same boat. I have very strong feelings to the effect that MySpace should rot in a fiery hell, but I’m usually a sucker for the social networking. Should I do a facebook account?
    Also, summarize Meez?

  2. I’ve never really liked myspace, so I did the facebook thing and… I’m kinda wondering what’s so social about it!

    Meez is something quite new to the ‘social scene’ in that it’s basically an application to make an avatar or characterization of yourself to use on blogs, facebook, myspace, etc. Meez.com isn’t very Firefox friendly though, so I have to use IE. I should really see about getting Opera…

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