R4DS 1.10 Kernel update

A new update for the R4 has been released with just a few fixes, one of them is quite handy.

Update R4 v1.10 kernel 2007-6-20

  1. DLDI auto-patching
  2. Solved the 1111 and 1151 save problem.

This version includes DLDI auto patching, meaning that you don’t have to patch DLDI supported homebrew before copying it across to your memory card. The R4DS patches the homebrew on the fly. This version also fixes the recently (understatement) discovered problem with The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass 2MB flash save type. Congratulations to the R4 team for such a fast release!

I’ve uploaded it to my box.net account, BUT I’ve left out the themes. That means it’s a smaller download and you can copy the files and folders over without overwriting any custom themes you may already have on your R4.

This download has been removed, each one is removed when an update is released.

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6 thoughts on “R4DS 1.10 Kernel update

  1. thats all well and good, but when its downloaded, how the ruddy hell do you get it to update, i put it in and its still the older version, ???, help

  2. ive just realised, thats the old one, HELLO PEOPLE, lol, its on the website google it, there is a new one, im still lost though

  3. Heh, I wondered why someone wanted the old version when 1.11 is available.

    Just copy over the files to overwrite the ones on the SD card to update, simple as that.


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