Naruto R4DS skins and new pages

My 1st Naruto SkinAs I’m not a big fan of anime, I’m not too sure of what is popular these days apart from Naruto, so I’ve started off with a couple of basic Naruto skins.

I’ve also changed the pages into categories, the R4DS page now just has links to the pages or you can go straight to whichever page you want by clicking the link in the column on the right.

The categories so far are; Babes Skins, Female Music Artists Skins and Naruto skins with a ‘Vista Style’ and Spongebob ones coming soon. I don’t mind passing a bit of time away making a skin now and then since they take literally about 2 minutes to do and seconds to upload. I have a total of 12 skins available (once they’ve all been uploaded and added to the pages), soMy 2nd Naruto Skin there’s a bit of a choice and I’ll be making more when I feel like putting one together (which is probably 1 or 2 per week).

Any suggestions and/or comments are welcome as long as it’s not just for the sake of trolling or to make childish remarks. A lot of people visit this blog looking for R4DS info and I hope what they find here is useful to them and to you if you’ve come here searching for an answer to something. I try to cover everything, but if there’s something I’ve missed out or there’s something you don’t understand, please ask either in the comments or by email (an image with the address is on the R4DS Skins page).


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20 thoughts on “Naruto R4DS skins and new pages

  1. hi, do any of u guys know where i can get naruto skins for warcraft 3,, i want to make my on map, so if any one knows where i can get some really good naruto skins/ models please email me, iam please iam really desperate here!

  2. Hi iam writing again…… PLEASE someone tell me where i can get some naruto models for warcraft3 pleaseeee iam really really desperate, I’ve always dreamed of making a naruto map where all the characters have skins so please, i bet ure thinking i have no life and its true so please help me out here I’ve been on the internet for 10 hours and i cant find a site that lets me download naruto skins for free pleasee help me! my email is

  3. man estan buenos pero lo que si quiero de verdad son skins para cleulares secries Vxxx por fabor a y si tienes mas pieles podrias darmelas

  4. i need naruto models for WC3…. plz plz.. email me what you have. but in particular im lookin for sound genin but anything is good…

  5. I think that you will have quite some trouble finding some models. even maybe having to do it yourself. I was looking around for some bleach ones and no luck :(.

  6. lol haku i would like one hentai sakura model pweez =o lawlz but anyways… my email is mutantbear95ATcoxDOTnet if you wanna send me teh skin X3

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