A Vista Style R4DS Skin

On the net somewhere, you can download a ‘Make your own Moonshell’ kit. It’s not a Moonshell kit at all, but files to createA basic Vista style
your own Vista style skin…

I’ve made a basic skin using the files (there are just .png images, a couple of .psd (Photoshop) and a theme.ini file) by using a not particularly fancy background, although, I may do a few with Vista specific backgrounds (or at least backgrounds that are classed as ‘Vista’) for anyone that may be interested, but for now, I’ve just thrown one together to see how it turned out and it’s not too bad I guess.

Actual Moonshell skins seem to be a lot more complicated than doing a normal theme, there are more images to deal with and the ini files are quite a bit more technical than just changing a few color values, so it’s doubtful I’ll attempt doing a Moonshell skin, but you know what they say, never say never…

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  1. i can´t find Make your own Moonshell kit. can you post a link to the download site?

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