R4DS v1.09 Kernel update

The kernel for R4DS has been updated to version 1.09 and has the following fixes:

  1. Optimization delete process;
  2. Solve the 0991 issue;
  3. Solve issue to some of the games without displays of icon and the title;
  4. Support master switch of action replay cheat for real-time game (opening cheats by L+R+START+UP, temporarily closing cheats by L+R+START+DOWN);
  5. When cheats to the same game are in both the official database and the users database, users can choose to use the cheat in any database;
  6. Solve the 1070 archiving issue;
  7. Solve the 1085 issue;
  8. Update Cheat code editor v1.01;
  9. Released the list of cheats.

The list of cheats can be found on the R4DS site here.

{edit}Downloads are removed when updated versions are released.


3 thoughts on “R4DS v1.09 Kernel update

  1. hi there. first of all id like to have mentioned that u have a very interesting page ;). so, now id like to ask whether u or anyone else have/has the same problem with moonshell on r4ds-kernel v.1.09.
    when turning the soft-reset button on the upper right corner to red (inactive) its possible to start moonshell without any problems. but if that buttons green then it crashes with black screens-.- . im quite used to it pressing start to return to the main screen, but obviously it aint gonna work anymore when its red 😦
    hope theres no problem with my files. got enough stress with them xD
    thanx in advance

  2. Well i was kinda wondering if any1 new what the newest cheats are…
    I have TTDS and it came with cheats but i don’t know whats newer…this or the Default TTDS ones
    Also i really wouldn’t mind noign how to actually add in more codes rather thjan just replace the last .dat file with a new one

    If u know any of the answers to this question please email on

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