How to put video on the R4DS

I’ve covered setting up the R4, putting ROMs on it and skinning, now it’s time to do video…

It’s all mentioned in the video (except that I said AviSync when it should be AviSynth and I can’t be bothered to record it again) and now here is the simple guide to adding videos to the R4DS.

You will need 3 things: (BatchDPG (now with multithread support) and AviSynth can be downloaded in one file if you click here)

  1. BatchDPG – the user interface through which to encode the video
  2. AviSynth – a codec of which BatchDPG needs for it to work properly (it tells you if you don’t have it after installation of BatchDPG)
  3. Microsoft’s .NET Framework 1.1

When they’re all installed, open BatchDPG and click the Browse button at the top to locate the file you want to encode. If the video has subtitles, click the Browse button for that to locate the file, then click the Browse button to locate a folder to save the encoded video to.

The video settings won’t really need changing since they’re preset at the DS resolution, but you can change the fps and profile if you wish, shouldn’t need to though. Audio bitrate is fine at 128 for stereo videos, but could be changed to 64 or 96 for mono audio. The other settings should be ok and not need changing unless you know what you’re doing, so once all that’s done, go to the bottom and click Add, this adds the video to the process window and to start processing, click Run. That’s it, you should now have a .dpg file in the folder you chose to save it in.

All you need to do now is drag the encoded .dpg file onto the MicroSD card, plug it back into the R4 cart and away you go. When you boot up the DS, click the middle icon to go to Moonshell, you’ll probably get a load of garbled text and then it will start. If you’ve put the .dpg file in the boot directory (straight onto the SD card), you will need to press the B button to go back a dir and select the file from there, press A to play the video and enjoy…

The video showing all of this is after the jump..

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16 thoughts on “How to put video on the R4DS”

  1. Ive seen and read this and looked it up many times but no one can seem to help, i have 3 versions of Batch DPG ive tried (1.1, beta 8 and beta 2) but i get the damn error for having it be a show media thing and to find auther premision, but for 2 and 8 it makes a 1kb file that is just empty n locks my ds, im confused…. nice video tho

  2. Well, it supports ‘any video file that can be played in a DirectShow based media player’ which means most of the main video formats like MPEG (1, 2 and possibly 4), AVI (I think that also includes DivX and Xvid) and WMV. I don’t think it works with QuickTime (.mov) files and I know it doesn’t work with mobile/iPod formats such as 3gp.


  3. ok i must be retarded or something cause i cant find where to download the part where it says, BatchDPG and AviSynth can be downloaded in one file if you look in the right column and in the R4DS box.

    lol yeah where is it?

  4. Lol, sorry about that, I removed the box and meant to edit the post. 😕

    Post edited with a link to the download…

  5. I’ve put some videos on my R4 before.
    But when I try to do a ,mpg file it doesn’t make a .dpg file. I used .wmv files as the source before and it worked fine. But .mpg files don’t work for me, neither do .avi for some reason. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong. Can the file only be a certian size?

  6. Hey, I’ve checked out websites for a couple of hours now and I’ve come across yours! I’m getting an error that says the conversion fails. =/ It asks me to open the file I want to convert in a DirectShow based media player such as Windows Media Player, take note of the error and contact the author.

    Would you happen to know what’s going on or know where I can get information to fix this??? =) Thanks~!

  7. Errr…i converted a video file to dpg but when i try to play it all i get is sound with no video. There is something wrong here….

  8. You say to add the subtitle file if the avi has subtitles but there is no such thing! It’s an anime video so how can I add it? I wanna be able to play videos on my ds.

  9. exactly what type of file can be used in the batchDPG because avi. files dont work. i get the same problem as sam. what do i do to fix it or what type of files can i use?

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