New R4 Skins Page

As there hasn’t been much else to do lately, so I’ve made some more skins for the R4DS and put them up on their own page (link at the top) with a preview image so that you can see what it looks like if you want to download and use one.

I’m not too sure how many you can go up to as it seems if you set it on auto, it chooses a different skin each month (which is why the default skins have a calendar) from Jan to Dec (12 skins), so I might just make 12 and put them up for download or maybe do themes as in Babes, Games, TV, etc.

Anyway, be back when there’s something I want to blog, I may even do *drumroll* …….. a Vlog!


3 thoughts on “New R4 Skins Page

  1. A handy device that allows you to play homebrew stuff (and *ahem* ‘backups’) on the Nintendo DS.

    Sites like (which has been veeery slow since a ‘relaunch(?)’) sell them, all you need is a MicroSD card to put the apps on and away you go!

  2. Dear aceman,

    As I have been browsing NDSthemes I noticed a few skins which looked strangely familiar, I noticed that this user had submitted many of your own creations to the website claiming it as “their own”. Here is a link to the user and “their” skins.

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