Miserable internet people

April Fool’s Day. The day where jokes are made and people have a laugh at the different made up things that are posted on the Clown Arrestinternet…

Except when you’re Joystiq who, rather than join in with the fun, would waste time debunking the jokes people around the net are making by ‘announcing’ them and commenting on the validity of the jokes. What is so wrong about people having a laugh and joke about made up stuff? Why bother to analyse the jokes and just enjoy them like normal people do?! Some people don’t even realise it’s a joke when deviantART users fail to see what it so plainly obvious that the news is fake, even when other users are blatantly saying it’s an April Fool’s joke and the fact that letters in bold spell out ‘April Fool’.

Then you have miserable gits like MattG that don’t like having a laugh and call it “Internet Jackass Day” because they’re too pathetic to think up their own original idea or just want to be ironic and make themselves look like jackasses. Either way, why take something that’s supposed to be funny and enjoyable too seriously? If it was called ‘April Strict Day’ I would understand the uppity of such gimps, but it’s not and so should just lighten up, if you don’t like it, stay off the internet or just ignore it.

Just when you think it’s getting better and that people are willing to have a laugh…

So on April 1st, 2007, get out your salt. And with every piece of news you read, toss back a grain and realize it’s amateur night for pranksters. Every turd out there has a boner to pull one over on the world, and his little blog with a Photoshopped PS4 prototype is going to change the world.

Another one fails to see the point of April Fool’s Day and would rather sit in their own foetid misery by calling everyone that wants to be funny, “turds”, just when halfway through the Digg’d article I thought it wasn’t so bad, then I read that last paragraph and realised it was another little Johnny that didn’t get what he wanted for Xmas.

{edit}I’ve realised that the title was quite harsh and I don’t really want to insult or abuse people I don’t even know. People are entitled to find whatever they think is funny, funny. I just don’t see what harm there is with sites doing jokes for April Fool’s, people need to learn that after so many years, nothing is original anymore and that something is always going to be a variation on a previous carnation of something many have done before. Please guys, just have a (private) laugh at the expense of the effort taken to provide what is essentially just for fun anyway. 😉

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  1. Part of the problem is that these jokes live on past their expiration date, meaning that we’ll be debunking crap rumors for weeks.

    Bah, humbug!

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