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This Blog Has Moved

This time, permanently. It’s not that I don’t like WordPress, I just want to integrate all my Google services and do everything in one place. I already use GMail, YouTube and Google+, so I’m going to be using Blogger for my blog.
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R.I.P. LucasArts

It’s a sad day for videogames, Disney has decided to close LucasArts, so anything and everything that was in development will unlikely see the light of day, which apparently was a couple of Star Wars games including the anticipated Star Wars 1313, although, there is a distinct possibility it might get finished.
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GA: Back Into Oblivion

I’d been playing The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for quite some time before Microsoft decided to give us a Cloud service to upload our saves to, the problem was, I left it a bit late to start uploading saves (I was in the process of packing away the old Xbox 360 to trade-in and upgrade), also, the Oblivion save wouldn’t upload.
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