This Blog Has Moved

This time, permanently. It’s not that I don’t like WordPress, I just want to integrate all my Google services and do everything in one place. I already use GMail, YouTube and Google+, so I’m going to be using Blogger for my blog.
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More Bad TV Editing

Hostages is a new show where a family are held hostage until the wife, a surgeon who must kill the President while in surgery for some reason, does as the so-called FBI negotiator-turned-terrorist asks. It’s pretty slow-paced and although it’s only the second episode, it’s just not grasping my interest enough.
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GA: ACNL Hair, Pics and Gifts

So, I’m still playing Animal Crossing New Leaf (or ACNL for short) and here I am with a monthly update. There have been shooting stars, some badge earning and a couple of Birthdays, a resident has left, but a new one is moving in!
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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. First Impressions

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. then … It was a bit… annoying. “Skye” is like a kid with a new toy, she thinks she’s in control and when she gets her own way, oh it’s all oh-so-sweet, but when the mouthy madam isn’t in control of a situation, annoyance is her special weapon.
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I Retrieved a Package…

Well, the wife did when she went to town and visited the Post Office for me. When the postie knocked the door on Tuesday, he couldn’t have knocked very hard or I’d have heard it. he was delivering a parcel which was too big to fit through the letterbox.

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More Twitter Sexism, From the BBC

The BBC and sexual scandalism haven’t been the best of friends in the last twelve months and especially after Jimmy Savile died. Operation YewTree weeded out many celebrities who had been involved with, what can only be classed as paedophilia encounters.

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It’s Going Down, in MGTown

I’m behind. Not just with blog posts, with Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I’ve visited friends towns and realised just how undeveloped my town is, so I figured I’d do a check to see what I have to do in order to upgrade shops and whatnot, then put those plans into order.

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Cutest. Thing. Ever

I saw this on Tumblr and just had to share, but rather than reblog it, I wanted to post it here, so that more people could see it (Tumblr is blocked due to certain family filters). Puppies are cute, right? Three month old babies are cute… most of the time, right?
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